Crime prevention advice for the end of British Summer Time (BST)

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Don't make your absence easy for burglars to spot

Don't make an empty home easy for burglars to spot when it's dark.

We understand how a burglary can have profound personal effects on you as a victim, including:

  • the psychological impact of privacy being invaded
  • the loss of sentimental or valuable property
  • damage or disruption caused during a break-in or theft

Our dedicated crime prevention advisors and the Corporate Communications Department work together to provide simple advice for you to help reduce the risk of a home burglary.

Home security advice

For greater home security you can consider the following:

  • Leave lights on to make your home look occupied
  • Invest in timers that will automatic switch lamps and devices on and off
  • Gadgets are available that turn your main lights on and off
  • Help lower your bills with energy saving bulbs
  • Thieves target homes that look empty
  • Shut and lock all windows and doors when going out
  • Only tell people you trust when going away
  • Now you've protected your home, share our advice with family and friends