Informing our communities of when to call 999

When to call 999

Do you know when to call 999?

Hampshire Constabulary, along with other emergency services, faces an unprecedented amount of calls into 999.

But how many people know when they should call 999 and, in particular, the police rather than other organisations?

Recent information shows that not everyone does, with calls ranging from enquiries about flea infestations to 'no credit on my phone'. In light of this we are calling on you to help us keep our lines free for your emergencies only.

The campaign will feature a range of examples of calls via our social media channels, all leading back to one, clear message: only call 999 during an emergency such as:

  • a danger to life
  • a crime is happening now (or has just happened)
  • having immediate concerns for safety
  • a dangerous incident on the motorway
  • seeing something suspicious that needs immediate attention

Report online or call 101 for any crimes that aren't currently in progress or haven't just happened.