Find out how we work with businesses across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Forging working relationships with other organisations enables the force to deliver higher profile initiatives that benefit both parties by attracting public interest and generating publicity.

There are many opportunities available which include non-financial support.

By involving your organisation you are helping the police to combat crime as well as caring for the welfare of your staff and customers and the community in which they live and work.

Support from businesses

Police forces can accept up to one per cent of their annual budget through sponsorship and other business ventures. This can mean anything from a one-off sponsorship arrangement to long-term business support.

Funding and sponsorship can help us to deliver innovative and creative solutions that greatly enhance the quality of service we provide by financing projects that we couldn't otherwise have undertaken.

However, we all know that the cost of crime is not purely financial. Jointly funded partnerships mean additional resources to fund services and equipment that help us in our daily tasks.

We have a professional team of media and marketing experts who could work with you to ensure that you gain maximum benefit from your association with us.

This is not a way of getting businesses or organisations to pay twice for policing. These opportunities are strictly business which could provide you with a tangible but also attractive return.

You could choose to sponsor police initiatives such as domestic abuse campaign, youth projects, volunteer police cadet activities and events, community safety projects or the Hampshire Constabulary band.

Or you could provide equipment such as sponsored vehicles, bicycles, furniture or specialist exhibition stands.

Alternatively, you could provide people and expertise. Examples of this include loaning staff to offer their expertise to special projects or allowing employees to become special constables.

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