I want to report an incident

Witness Statement and Footage Upload


You must ensure the following if you wish to report an incident:

  • You must be able to accurately provide the date, time & location of the incident as well as the registration number of the vehicle involved
  • Incidents should be reported within 7 days of the event
  • Footage must not be edited
  • Footage must show 1 minute either side of the incident
  • Footage must not be deleted from your device
  • Footage must not be shared on social media

If the above criteria is met, you should report the incident by completing our online reporting form found here:

Report a road traffic incident to HantsSNAP

After you have reported the matter online, you will be contacted and provided a unique link to upload your footage for the incident which you will need to complete within 72 hours.

By completing the online form and uploading your footage, you will have provided enough evidence to enable the police to review the incident and take the appropriate action. One of the following outcomes will take place after your report has been reviewed.

  1. Formal action 
  2. Warning in writing
  3. No further action

Further information, including more detail on the above outcomes can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions.

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