Announcements of serving and former officers and staff who have sadly passed away.

We publish announcements below when a serving officer or staff member passes away, or when we are informed of the passing of former officers and members of staff. Previously, this information was published in Frontline magazine. If you'd like to inform us of an obituary, please contact us with the details and we will publish the announcement both here and internally through Routine Orders.

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The chief constable deeply regrets to announce the following deaths: 




Raymond Arthur Alexander passed away on 4 September.


Tony Lewis passed away on 24 August.


Terrence William Chamberlain passed away on 18 August.


Douglas Edward Quade passed away on 23 July.


Michael James Hatter passed away on 19 July.


Peter John Cobbett passed away on 14 July.


Roger James Matcham passed away on 14 July.


Ronald Nicholas Waugh passed away on 9 July.


Peter Derek Tribe passed away on 8 July.


Rodney John Keith Smith passed away on 7 July.


David Charles Dew passed away on 6 July.


Francis Cunningham passed away on 21 June.


Derek William Long passed away on 18 June.


Michael Eames passed away on 26 May.


Juliet Frances Behrendt passed away on 19 May.


Alyson Pollard passed away on 17 May.


Alan (AJ) John passed away on 21 April.


Russell White passed away on 14 April.


William James Burrett passed away on 11 April.


James Wilson Sharp passed away on 2 April.


Philip (Phil) William Lee passed away on 21 March.


Rodney (Rod) Frederick Pilbeam passsed away on Thursday 11 March.


Sharon Tregear passed away on 8 March.


Donald Hole passed away on 21 February.


George Alfred Scammell passed away on 16 February.


George William Bowers passed away on 14 February.


James (Jim) Christopher Renwick passed away on 12 February.


Terence William Swetnum passed away on 12 February.


Maureen (Mo) Barnard passed away on 11 February.


Norman Brown passed away on 1 February.


Barry David Whittington passed away on 1 February.


Raymond Marcus Paice passed away on 27 January.


Nicholas (Nick) Imber passed away on 11 January.


Peter 'Rasher' Green passed away on 10 January.


Alfred Thomas Matthew Bartram passed away on 4 January.






Donald Stamper King passed away on 27 December.


James (Jim) Harold Rowthorn passed away on 27 December.


Brian Hallam passed away on 12 December.


Richard Charles Jenkins passed away on 3 December.


John Edward 'Scouse' Woodhouse passed away on 2 December.


Donald Stewart Watt passed away on 20 November.


Michael Christopher Roberts passed away on 23 October.


Edwin Collie passed away on 19 October.


Norman Victor Lowry passed away on 7 October.


David Biggs passed away on 4 October.


Jeffrey Booth passed away on 26 September.


Maurice Greenslade passed away on 4 September.


Tracy Stedman passed away on 3 September.


Warren Thomas Malyon passed away on 24 August.


Adrian 'Ace' Mapplebeck passed away on 9 August.


John Roger Powell passed away on 9 August.


Anthony Bryan Simpson passed away on 1 August.


Jude Finlay passed away on 30 July.


Gerard Duffy passed away on 23 July.


Leonard James Pearce passed away on 23 July.


Derek Luke passed away on 22 July.


Keith Bridgeman passed away on 5 July. 


Ian Readhead OBE QPM passed away on 17 June.


Lawrence Moss passed away on 16 June.


Peter Raymond Charles Pearl passed away on 12 June.


George Thomas Michael Martin passed away on 11 June.


Jim Plant passed away on 28 May.


Kenneth William John White passed away on 21 May.


Nigel Blofield passed away on 11 May.


David Jonathan Williams passed away on 9 May.


Kenneth William Ernest Taylor passed away on 26 April.


Elizabeth Beckett passed away on 19 April.


Philip (Phil) Andrew James Jupe passed away on 16 April.


John Wright passed away on 15 April.


Donald Kirkpatrick Andrews passed away on 12 April.


Edward Vincent Muddle passed away on 12 April.


Tony Gordon Balcombe passed away on 8 April.


Ian Paul Mant passed away on 1 April.


Edward (Eddie) McMillan passed away on 31 March.


John Edward Beaton passed away on 27 March.


Vincent Ronchetti passed away on 26 March.


Neil Sankey passed away on 24 March.


Denis Clooney passed away on 22 March.


Mark Edwin James Pontin passed away on 5 March.


Terry Jacobson passed away on 22 February.


Peter John Cotton passed away on 24 February.


David Patrick Dennehy passed away on 25 January.


Nick Johnson passed away on 18 January.


Gordon Dixon passed away on 17 January.


Stephen Peter McLaughlin passed away on 17 January.


Nigel Tribbeck passed away on 13 January.


Bryan Scarth passed away on 9 January.



Name Status Additional information


Mark John Ashthorpe Retired 26 December
Frederick Philip Gradidge Retired 4 December
John Linter Retired 2 December
Nigel Piper Retired 1 December
David Kilbride Retired 26 November
Peter Southey Retired 10 November
Roger Coe Retired 24 October
Leslie Malcolm Streeter Retired 20 October
Albert Eric Short Retired 17 October
Ian Brandreth Retired 9 October
John Beatens Retired 7 October
Alan Stovell Retired 26 September
Joseph Whitehead Retired 18 September
Ken Ward Retired 16 September
John Baker Retired  12 September
Dennis Cleeve Retired 18 August
John Parris Retired 27 July
Graham Morey Retired 18 July
Peter Harris Retired 15 July
Mike Goldstraw Retired 13 July
Roger Charles Ernest Kewell Retired 8 July
Peter Wyeth Retired 8 July
Andrew Durrant Retired 1 July
Karen Thorne Serving 1 July
Derek John Boxall Retired PC 1239 Derek Boxall joined Portsmouth City Police in 1962 and served at Kingston Cross, Fratton, Portsmouth Central, Traffic and CID before retiring in 1992.
Michael Boylan Retired Sergeant Michael Boylan passed away on 6 June. 
Jack Smith Retired Jack Smith passed away on 28 May. He was a member of police staff working in the Uniform Stores department. Jack retired on 23 May 2014.
Alan Male Retired Alan Male passed awy on 10 May.
John Warner Retired PC John Warner passed away on 10 May. He was 88. John was a Portsmouth City Police officer and worked in stations in the city before becoming a traffic officer. In 1970, he was posted to Petersfield as a traffic motorcyclist where he served for many years. His final years were as a station duty officer at Petersfield. 
Ian Stapleford Retired Detective Constable Ian Stapleford joined Hampshire Constabulary in September 1992 following service in the Royal Military Police. He worked across CID, specialising in later years in covert authorities and CID training.
Ralph 'Tony' Buckley Retired Tony Buckley passed away aged 85. He retired from the constabulary in 1984 after 30 years' service. 
Alan George Workman Retired PC 1520 Alan Workman passed away on 11 April. Alan joined the Southampton Police on 28 October 1954 after serving in the Royal Military Police. Alan proudly served at Portswood and Bitterne stations before, following the amalgamation with Hampshire Constabulary, working in the Force Control Room at PHQ. He retired on 15 December 1979.
Reginald Tappin Retired Superintendent Reginald Tappin passed away aged 90. He joined what was then Eastbourne Police before transferring to Lincoln and later joining Portsmouth City Force. In the Portsmouth force he was promoted to detective inspector, then moved to Fareham as chief inspector. His final posting was as superintendent on the IOW, ending his 26-year police service career.
Freda Pope Retired Freda Pope passed away on 7 April.
Heidi Hollingsworth Serving Heidi Hollingsworth passed away on 6 April.
Dave Watson Retired Dave Watson passed away on 30 March.
Cyril 'Ray' Raymond Retired Cyril Raymond passed away on 26 March. He served mainly in the New Forest on uniform patrol as well as on Traffic. He completed his 30 years’ service.
Theresa (Terri) Helen Burton Retired Theresa Burton passed away on 25 March. She was 60. Terri served with Surrey Police before transferring to Hampshire. Her service included periods at Winchester, Kingston Crescent, Forensics and Criminal Intelligence. She took early retirement on medical grounds before serving as a member of police staff.
John Watkins Retired Sergeant John Watkins passed away on 22 March. He was 79.
Michael Pybus Retired PC Michael Pybus passed away on 12 March in University Hospital Southampton. He was 82. Mike was a popular figure in Southampton and had the nickname "Redrock". He was a beat officer in Millbrook and worked in many Major Incident Rooms within the force area. He regularly attended YS (Shirley) reunions.
Chris Bicknell Retired Chris Bicknell passed away on 6 March.
John Brace Retired John Brace passed away on 6 March.
John Barfoot Retired John Barfoot passed away on 25 February.
Peggy Moore Retired Women's Auxiliary Police Corps (WAPC) officer Peggy Moore passed away on 20 February. Peggy was the widow of PC Sam Moore, who passed away in 1981. Peggy met Sam during the war whilst she was serving in the WAPC of the Portsmouth City Police. Peggy is the last officer to have served in the City force during the war years. 
Kathleen Wilcox Retired Detective Sergeant Kathleen Wilcox passed away on 16 February. She was the force's first woman detective sergeant, spending many years on Fraud Squad at Southampton.
Michael Beecham Retired Inspector Michael Beecham passed away on 13 February. He worked for the Dog Section.
Dave Boardman Retired Dave Boardman passed away on 9 February.
Robert 'Bob' Smith Retired Robert 'Bob' Smith passed away on 6 February. He was 89. Following national service and a short period of employment as a printer in his home town of Bridport, Dorset, Bob served a long career with Southampton Borough Police and Hampshire Constabulary before his retirement in 1984. He proudly served as a Southampton officer at Shirley and Portswood, and for many years was content to remain the beat officer for Bevois Valley. After retirement, Bob worked for a further 10 years as a court usher at Southampton Magistrates Court.
Robert 'Bob' Thorne Retired PC Robert Thorne passed away on 6 February. He was a transferee from Derbyshire in the 1980s. He served at Cowplain as an area car driver before serving at Petersfield.
Ken Ellcome Retired  Ken Ellcome retired on 3 February.
Thomas Albert Jones Retired Thomas Jones passed away on 2 February. Tommy, also known as Bob, joined the Portsmouth City Police on 16 September 1963.
Peter John Booker Retired Peter John Booker passed away on 2 February.
John Snellgrove Retired Inspector John Snellgrove joined Hampshire County force and spent much of his service at Winchester, with promotion also causing him to serve at PHQ and at DTC Ashford as an instructor. He retired in 1983 and led an active retirement with employment at Winchester College, and for some time he ran the Green Man public house in Winchester.
Martin William Shuker Retired Martin William Shuker passed away on 23 January.
Peter Harvey Retired Peter Harvey passed away on 14 January.
John Harold Jordan Retired Chief Inspector John Jordan passed away on 10 January. He was 82. John joined the Southampton Borough force on 26 June 1956 and was medically retired from the constabulary on 14 October 1978. He served in Southampton, Winchester, PHQ, Southsea and at the Cadet Training School at Bishop's Waltham, and also served for a period as the force press officer. He was described by his family as a fervent sportsman who represented the force in both football and cricket.
Richard 'Dick' Dickeson Retired Police Constable Richard 'Dick' Dickeson passed away on 6 January. He served with the constabulary for 30 years, joining in October 1971 and retiring in December 2001. Dick, who was a former Coldstream Guardsman, served at Shanklin, Eastleigh, Ringwood and as the Bransgore Beatman.
Christopher Norgate Retired Christopher Norgate passed away on 4 January.
Richard Montague Stobart Retired Assistant Chief Constable Richard Montague Stobart passed away on 2 January. He was 87. The majority of Mr Stobart’s service was with the Metropolitan Police from where he was promoted to the post of assistant chief constable for Hampshire Constabulary. Mr Stobart retired from the constabulary in July 1986. 
Robert 'Bob' Dyke   Retired Robert 'Bob' Dyke passed away on 2 January. He was 72. Bob served at many stations including Aldershot, Winchester (North Walls) and PHQ Training. He was also a traffic officer and then a comms officer before being posted to the Air Support Unit at Daedalus, from where he retired as a constable in 1995. He remained working with the unit as a member of police staff. 


Peter Beasley Retired Inspector Peter Beasley passed away on 29 December. He was 84. Peter served in the Southampton Borough and City police forces from 1951, initially as a police cadet. Following national service, he returned to policing in the Southampton area. He served in many of Southampton's stations, at Civic Centre, Portswood, Bitterne, and Hulse Road Training. Peter retired in 1984 and was appointed manager of the Southampton prosecuting solicitors office. 
Gerald Parslow Retired Detective Inspector Gerald Parslow was an Anti-Terrorist Group officer based in Southampton. He retired in the early 80s.
Peter Hartley  Retired Former officer Peter Hartley passed away on 29 November. He joined the Portsmouth City Police on 25 November 1952 and retired in 1985.
Colin Derrick Retired Detective Constable Colin Derrick passed away on 12 November. Colin worked in photographic and then continued as a member of police staff as a photographer for 15 years. 
 Viv Borley  Retired Former police staff member Viv Borley passed away on 12 November. Viv was an MA on the Island before moving into HR. She also worked briefly in IMU.
Jack Cawdrey Retired Police Constable Jack Cawdrey passed away on 6 October. He was 100. Jack served in the Southampton County Borough Police from 1939 to 1966. On retirement, Jack lived in Queensland, Australia, and his funeral took place there on 11 October. You can read more about Jack's life here.
Kenneth James Hill  Retired Former officer Kenneth Hill was a NARPO member, who moved to Barnsley, Yorkshire.
Ronald Hazeldine  Retired Former officer Ronal Hazeldine was a NARPO member, who lived in Fareham.
William Dance Retired Former officer William Dance was a NARPO member, who lived in Netley Abbey.
Don Street Retired Detective Constable Don Street passed away on 29 October. He was 86. Don joined the constabulary following service in the Royal Navy. He was a beat officer at Hurstbourne Tarrant prior to joining the CID, serving at Fareham, the SIS at Lyndhurst and Southsea. He retired in the mid-1980s.
Jeremy Patterson Retired Chief Inspector Jeremy Patterson passed away on 25 October. Jeremy joined Hampshire Constabulary after a career in the Royal Navy and served at Southsea, Havant, Hayling Island, Gosport and Police HQ before retiring in 2014. He then became a member of the local NARPO branch. 
Jim Hopes Retired Former police officer Jim Hopes passed away on 14 October. He was 58. Jim worked in Havant, Hayling Island and Eastern SOC.
John Walter Noy Retired Police Constable John Noy (Noddy) joined Portsmouth City Police on 2 November 1959.
David Sutherland Retired David Sutherland was a detective constable. He was a member of the NARPO Southampton branch for 34 years.
Peter Robinson-Carey Retired Police Constable Peter Edward Robinson-Carey passed away aged 73. Peter initially was a member of Northamptonshire Police for approximately two years. Following a period in the licensing trade he joined Hampshire Constabulary. A significant amount of his service was involved with Control Room duties at various locations, including the Civic Centre in Southampton, Hulse Road and the Netley Support HQ. At retirement he remained resident in Hamble.
Jim Lane Retired Jim Lane passed away on 27 September. Jim served with Hampshire Constabulary after completing time in the Royal Navy. He served at Cowplain police station in the 1980s and 1990s, lived in Lovedean and was well known for keeping boxer dogs. Jim returned to his roots in the Scottish Isles upon retirement.
Bryan Cooper Retired Bryan Cooper passed away on 5 September.
Roger Berry Retired Sergeant Roger Berry passed away on 4 September.
Barry Ward   Serving Detective Inspector Barry Ward passed away on 3 September. Barry joined Hampshire Constabulary in June 1998 and was posted to Portsmouth. In 2001, he received a Divisional Commander’s Congratulations for his efforts to tackle anti-social behaviour in the community. In 2003, Barry was promoted, working in uniform roles in Basingstoke before joining Special Branch in 2005. In 2008, he trained to become a detective sergeant in Gosport. Postings followed in a variety of public protection roles, within the vulnerable adults, child abuse and offender management teams. During this time Barry was the deputy force lead in the development and piloting of the Hampshire Stalking Clinic. In 2015, Barry transferred to Eastern Investigations before being promoted in 2017. 
Trevor Rabjohn Retired Superintendent Trevor Rabjohn passed away on 2 August.
Derek Graham Todd Retired Sergeant Graham Todd passed away on 26 July.
Peter Gibson Retired PC Peter Gibson passed away on 14 June. For many years Peter served as a traffic officer at Fareham.
Janet Heather Cummings Retired Janet Cummings passed away at the age of 51. She served as a police officer working at Cosham, Havant and subsequently in various squads including the Surveillance Unit and National Crime Squad.
John Jeffrey Retired PC John Jeffrey passed away at the age of 84.
Phil Blanchard Retired PC Phil Blanchard served at Eastleigh police station.
John William Talmash Retired John Talmash was a police officer.
Barry Gard Retired Barry Gard was a Portsmouth City Police cadet before becoming an officer with Portsmouth and Hampshire forces.
Anthony 'Tony' Smith Retired PC 2017 Anthony Smith passed away on 24 May. He was 81. Tony came late to the police service in 1977 having served with the RAF and worked as a carpenter and joiner. He was in the Special Constabulary when he made the transition to the regular force. Tony retired at the age of 65 , but remained serving the constabulary as a civilian station duty officer at Shirley for a number of years.
Myrna Rita Compton Retired PC Myrna Compton passed away on 20 May. She was the first WPC on the Isle of Wight, serving at Ryde.
Charlie Goddard Retired PC Charlie Goddard passed away on 14 May. He joined Hampshire Constabulary as a cadet in 1955, and became PC 734 for his service, which ended in his medical retirement in December 1981. In Charlie's early days he served at West Cowes, Newport and Ryde. In 1964, he joined Fareham CID and served for many years in the role of police photographer.
Ethel 'Joy' Lyngnane Reired Ethel Lyngnane passed away on 9 May. She was the widow of Dennis, who was a county beat officer serving the Isle of Wight.
James Phillip O'Donovan Retired James O'Donovan (known as Jimmy O'D), the oldest Hampshire police pensioner, passed away on 12 May at the age of 103.
Mervyn 'Bob' Whitlock Retired Mervyn 'Bob' Whitlock passed away at the age of 93. He served at Chale, Yarmouth and Freshwater and upon retirement became a civilian station duty officer known then as NARPOS. Bob served at Newport.
Keith Hebberd  Retired PC Keith Hebberd passed away on 27 April. He joined the police cadets in 1970. He later served in Andover, Cowplain and Portsmouth. Keith retired after 30 years' service.
Herbert Edward George 'Eddie' Wallace Retired Sergeant Herbert Wallace passed away on 23 April. Eddie joined Portsmouth City Police as a police cadet before the Second World War and manned the Portsmouth City Police fire engines during the Blitz. He was attested on 3 September 1941. He later joined the Army and served with the Royal Artillery. He was a veteran of the D-Day landings. Eddie rejoined the Portsmouth City Police after the war and was promoted to the rank of sergeant on 9 April 1960.
John William Domone Retired PC John Domone passed away on 8 April, aged 78. He retired in 1993 following 30 years' service in Bitterne and West End.
Richard 'Dick' Chambers Retired Richard Chambers passed away on 7 April.
 Ken Yelf Retired PC Ken Yelf passed away on 5 April. Ken was a beat officer at Tidworth for several years before moving to Andover where he retired.
 Nic Pugh Retired Detective Constable Nic Pugh passed away on 4 April, aged 62.
Keith Fletcher Retired Traffic Sergeant Keith Fletcher passed away on 30 March. Keith joined the Met in 1967 before transferring to Hampshire.
Brian Davies Retired Sergeant Brian Davies served at North Walls, Bitterne, Portswood, Whiskey One and Alresford. He retired in 2002.
Anthony Owen Hill Retired Tony served for more than 30 years in the Portsmouth area and retired around 30 years ago.
Gordon Robinson Retired Chief Superintendent Gordon Robinson passed away on 23 February 2018. Gordon transferred from Lancashire Constabulary to Hampshire in 1950 and served at Havant, Fareham, Eastleigh, Winchester, Aldershot, IOW and finally PHQ Winchester where he retired after completing 39 years' service.
Stanley Arthur Jones Retired Chief Inspector Stanley Jones passed away on 20 February 2018 at the age of 101. Stanley served at a number of stations in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight before retiring in 1968.
Bruce John Board Retired PC Bruce Board passed away on 15 February 2018 at the age of 90. Bruce served in the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Police as a Traffic patrol officer and later moved to the Control Room, HQ, Winchester, before working within Hampshire's crown courts.
William 'Bill' Murray Retired Sergeant William Murray passed away on 3 February 2018 at the age of 94. He served at Aldershot and Netley Abbey before retiring after 30 years' service.
George William Cordery Retired Sergeant George Cordery has passed away at the age of 92. George served in the Southampton Borough and City Police forces and, following the 1967 amalgamation, in the Hampshire Constabulary. A significant amount of that service was as a sergeant with the Dog section. He retired in 1976 and remained as a resident in Southampton
George Henry Compton Retired PC George Compton passed away on December 25, 2017. He was 90. George served at Aldershot, Hartley Wintney, Andover, Winchester and Lyndhurst.
Kenneth 'Dodger' Green Retired Officer Kenneth Green passed away on 26 January. He was 93.
Paul Slocombe Retired Paul Slocombe passed away on 16 January. He served with Hampshire Constabulary as a police officer and police staff member before joining the Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) South East Operations Room in November 2014.
Pete Chamberlain Serving Police Staff Investigator Pete Chamberlain passed away on 11 January. Pete was taken ill while on a training course and passed away shortly after being told his cancer had returned. He joined Hampshire Constabulary on 4 September 2017, working in Southampton’s Investigation Department after retiring as a sergeant with the Metropolitan Police Service.
Sarah Jane Jones Retired Sarah Jane Jones passed away on 2 January after a brave battle with cancer. Sarah was the ACRO Risk and Business Continuity Advisor. She joined Hampshire Constabulary on 28 August 2006.


John 'Jack' Pimbblet Retired PC John Pimbblet passed away on 1 December. Prior to joining Liverpool City Police, John served in the Royal Military Police. During this service he was a bodyguard to Field Marshal Montgomery at Fontainebleau. John transferred to Hampshire in 1967 and was posted to Andover. He then took up a country beat at East Oakley, Basingstoke. Later in his career he was posted to Shirley, Southampton. He retired in 1980 having served for 28 years.
Peter 'Pete' Smith Retired PC Peter Smith passed away on 29 November. He was 79. Pete originally joined Southampton City Police but after amalgamation stayed in the Southampton area (SW Traffic) as a constable motorcyclist, and was well known in the Hulse Road base. Motorcycles were a passion. As such, he had close working relationships and friendships with that group of specialist officers and did so until the time of his death. Towards the end of his service he was part of a small group on the Radar Team covering the whole of the south-west Hampshire area.
Alfred Edmonds Retired Alfred Edmonds was a sergeant who worked at Southampton Central.
Rod Barter Retired Detective Constable 409 Rod Barter served in the New Forest, Special Investigation Squad and Special Branch Ports Unit, Southampton.
Derek King Retired PC Derek King passed away after a short illness.
David Brunt Retired PC David Brunt joined the force in June 1977 and retired in July 2007. His last posting was as a Targeted Patrol Team PC.
Derek Russell Retired PC 1852 Derek Russell passed away on 5 November. He had cancer. Derek joined the force in February 1970 and retired in 1999. He served in Cowes for a number of years.
Al Fitt Retired PC 23522 Al Fitt passed away on 28 October. He served with Hampshire Constabulary from 4 November 2002 to 6 August 2014. Al was a Response & Patrol and Neighbourhood Policing Team officer in Aldershot.
Richard 'Dick' Phillips Retired PC 905 Richard Phillips passed away on 27 October. He had leukaemia. Richard served with Hampshire Constabulary from 18 December 1964 to 17 December 1994. He served at Fareham, Tadley, Kingsclere, Emsworth, Havant (Traffic), Havant (Uniform) and Petersfield.
Roy Peters Retired Officer Roy Peters passed away on 5 October. He was 84. Roy transferred from Hertfordshire Constabulary to Hampshire Constabulary in 1968. He had postings in Fleet, Portswood, Winchester (North Walls), Romsey and Southampton Central. He was at some time a member of the Vice Squad in Southampton and earned the nickname of 'Greensleeves' owing to his observation tactics on Southampton Common.
Robert (Chris) Christopher Watters Retired Detective Inspector Robert Watters passed away on 3 October. He was 70. One of Robert's nicknames was 'Snatch'. He served at many places throughout the force area since joining in 1967, including Basingstoke, Southampton Central, Portswood, Crime Squad, Cosham and Headquarters.
David John Howard Retired PC David Howard passed away on 29 September. He was 55. David retired in July 2013. He served at Andover and Southampton Central. Some may have known him as 'Big Dave'.
Gillian Allen Serving Gillian Allen passed away on 26 September. She was a quality controller at ACRO. Gillian joined Hampshire Constabulary in December 2015.
Geoffrey Ballard Retired Detective Sergeant Geoffrey Ballard passed away on 20 September. He was 82. During his service Geoffrey was attached to several units, including the Fraud Squad. He was awarded the Queen's Commendation for Bravery when he disarmed a man in possession of a firearm at the Bargate, Southampton.
George Starr Retired PC George Starr passed away on 8 August. He was 96. George joined Hampshire Constabulary in 1953 serving at Havant, Hayling Island, Clanfield, Alton (Traffic Motorcyclist) and finally at crown court. He retired in 1983.
Graham 'Danny' Anthony Retired PC Graham Anthony passed away on 14 August at Two Beeches care home, Waterlooville. He had been living in Cyprus for the past 10 years. Graham became ill and his family recently brought him back to England. He joined the Portsmouth City Police in 1962, serving only within the city. He was an area car driver at Portsmouth Central and retired in 1997.
Martin Jacobs Serving PC Martin Jacobs passed away on 2 August at North Hampshire Hospital, Basingstoke, after being taken ill at home while off duty. Martin joined Hampshire Constabulary on 5 June 1995 and served in Petersfield, Alton and Whitehill as a Targeted Patrol Team PC and area car driver. In 2007, Martin became a rep with Hampshire Police Federation, looking after officers in the north of the county. In 2011, he became the Federation’s discipline lead, a full-time role based in the Federation office.
John Hutchinson Carruthers Retired John Carruthers was a detective superintendent.
Raymond 'Agro' Legg Retired Detective Sergeant Raymond Legg passed away on 23 June. He served at Newport police station between the beginning of the '60s and 1980, when he retired through ill health. He was attached to the three prisons and liaised with Special Branch. He was well known for his work at Winchester HQ.
Ursula Coppin Retired Evidence officer Ursula Coppin passed away peacefully on 23 June after a brave fight against cancer. She served with Hampshire Constabulary for 28 years, working in the Imaging Unit as an imaging technician for 23 years. Ursula then transferred to the evidence office at Southampton, where she worked for five years until she retired in March this year.
David Jeffries Retired David passed away peacefully at home on 28 June after a long illness. He was 85. He retired as a chief inspector and many will know him from his time in Training. David than worked for Hampshire Fire Brigade as a civilian in Administration. He was an active member and past chairman of the Hampshire North Branch of NARPO.
Gladys Howard Retired Gladys served with Portsmouth City Police and Hampshire Constabulary. She served from 1947 - 1976 and was both the first woman sergeant in the Portsmouth City Police and also the first woman inspector. She was Lord Mayor of Portsmouth in 1989.
Joan Scott Retired Joan served with Portsmouth City Force and Hampshire and retired as a chief inspector.
Bronwen Davies Serving PC Bronwen (Bron) Davies passed away on 12 June at Southampton General Hospital after a very brave fight with cancer. Bron joined Hampshire Constabulary on 19 February 2007 and served in Lyndhurst and Lymington areas as a District Probationer, Targeted Patrol Team PC, Neighbourhood Policing PC and Safer Neighbourhoods PC.
Patricia Atkinson (née Kimber) Retired PC Patricia Atkinson passed away on 31 May. She joined the constabulary on 13 November 1964, receiving a chief constable's commendation in July 1967, as well as being congratulated in 1977. Patricia retired on 12 November 1994.
Michael George Chivers Retired Chief Inspector Mick Chivers passed away on 20 May at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth. He joined Hampshire Constabulary in 1960 and served in numerous locations including Winchester, IOW, Totton, North Baddesley, Southsea, Southampton, Havant, Fareham, Netley Training Centre and Andover.
Peter Edwards Retired Peter passed away on 18 May. His career commenced with Bootle Borough Police before transferring to Hampshire in 1968/69. He was posted to Ringwood and then on to Winchester in 1970/71. He was an area car driver in Winchester until 1979 when he moved to recruiting before eventually retiring in 1983/84.
John Robins Retired John was a detective sergeant.
Phyllis Smith Retired Phyllis passed away peacefully on 22 March at Royal Hampshire County Hospital after a short illness. Phyllis started working at Eastleigh police station before working in the ADP Section at Police HQ, Winchester.
Steve Sillence Retired Steve served in Portsmouth, where he was a uniform beat man as well as a firearms officer.
Tom Hanson Retired Tom passed away on 3 April. He was a detective sergeant.
William Alan Griffiths Retired William passed away at the age of 96. He was a PC who served in Portsmouth City Police from 1940 to 1967.
Edmund Arthur Farthing Retired Edmund passed away on 29 March at Southampton General Hospital after a short illness. He had been a beat policeman, an advanced motorbike rider and advanced patrol car driver, an instructor at the Police Driving School in Hulse Road, Southampton, and later a station sergeant when at Shirley Road police station. He served in Romsey, Shirley and Woolston.
David 'Spud' Murphy Retired David passed away on 17 March. David joined Portsmouth City Police as a cadet then joined Portsmouth City Police in 1958. He served at Central Southsea and Cosham and was a DC then DS serving on crime squad SB Ports and anti-terrorism. David retired in 1989 where he was a divisional DS.
Victor Amos Marriott Retired Victor passed away on 15 March. He served in Portsmouth as a uniformed constable and as a detective until his retirement in the early 1980s.
David Easson Retired David was an officer in Southampton, serving in Shirley, Southampton Central and Portswood between 1950 and 1977.
Peter Andrew Lavin Retired Detective Constable Peter Lavin passed away on 6 March having lost his fight to cancer. Peter joined us in 1990 and worked in Portsmouth, Gosport and Fareham before leaving in June 2014. Peter had been living in Gibraltar until recently returning to stay with his son.
Raymond Leslie Rowsell BEM Retired Raymond joined in 1952, retiring in 1976 having served at Newport, Bembridge and Hythe along with being seconded to Cyprus Police. Upon retirement, he became an IOW County Councillor and Police Authority member. Raymond passed away on 2 March 2017 at the age of 87.
Graham 'Ikey' Tarrant Retired Detective Superintendent Graham Tarrant passed away following a short battle with cancer.
Richard Reid Retired Richard previously worked in the Legal Department as the Force Solicitor.
Thomas Rainey Retired Tom transferred from the RUC and served for around 28 years at Fareham before retiring.
Michael Anthony Pratt Retired Mike joined us after three years' service as a dog handler with the RAF, and worked in Andover, Hythe and Cowplain, retiring in 1988 having served for 34 years.
Brian Fry Retired Brian passed away on 19 January 2017 following an eight-year battle with cancer. Proud of his police work, he served for 28 years.
Peter Bloor Retired  


Theresa (Terri) Helen Burton. Lisa Knight, Helen’s next of kin, informed us that Theresa died at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth on 25th March 2019. She was 60 years of age and had been in poor health but suffered a heart attack from which she did not recover. She was a member of our branch of NARPO.


Terri had served with the Surrey Police before transferring to Hampshire and her service included periods at Winchester, Kingston

Crescent, in the forensic department and criminal intelligence. She had taken early retirement on medical grounds and had some service

as a police civilian.