By registering with our scheme, you can feel safe and assured that a keyholder will be called promptly in the event of an alarm activation.

This scheme, operated by us, helps you potentially avoid having to pay for costly damage or repairs to your home or business in the event of an emergency: if you're away or unavailable and a burst pipe, broken window, break-in or fire occurs at your premises, the scheme allows us to contact your nominated keyholder to gain access and secure your property in your absence.

This saves you money and inconvenience by lessening damage to your property and allowing it to be quickly secured to avoid further loss, cost or injury.

You can also nominate a preferred alarm company, plumber, electrician, locksmith or boarding-up company, or simply ask us to note where the stopcock is for your water. 

The scheme, available to commercial companies and private residents, forms part of our commitment to protecting homes and businesses in our county, keeping them safer and free from crime.

Key fobs

In addition to the keyholder database provision, we also offer a key fob recovery service, which means that all keyholder members are issued with a key fob, featuring the force crest and a unique identifying number.

People who find lost keys with the Hampshire fob are encouraged to hand the keys to us or send them to a secure postal address. This allows for the keys to be returned to their rightful owner.


The current charges are £24 per year for domestic premises (£2 per month) and £50 for commercial premises, payable annually. We'll write to you every year inviting you to renew your subscription.

Payment can be made by cheque payable to the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire (you'll find details of where to send your cheque in the keyholder registration form, below) or by calling 023 8042 6046 and using a credit or debit card. 

From every subscription received, a donation is made to the Blue Lamp Trust Bobby Scheme, which provides help to the elderly and vulnerable people in communities across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

Please note, in the event that we have to call out a contractor to board up your property to secure it, we may pass these charges on to you.


Complete a keyholder registration form (download it below) and return it to us.

As well as yourself, you will need to select a maximum of three other keyholders who would be able to attend your home or business, ideally within 20 minutes. Your keyholders should have knowledge of how to operate any security systems you have installed and any other potential hazards at the property.

Once your application has been processed, you'll receive an information pack and confirmation letter with a unique reference number that you'll need to quote when contacting us.

All your information will be stored by Hampshire Constabulary in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and will only be made available to the emergency services.

Once registered, you may update us with any changes to your keyholder list supplied. Please make sure you have your reference number to hand.

Contact us

Email us or call us on 023 8042 6046. Please provide your reference number when updating an existing record.