Stop & Search – Community Complaints 

In April 2014 the Home Secretary recommended that all police forces introduce the Best Use of Stop and Search Scheme to help them become more transparent, involve communities more in how stop and search powers are used, and support a more intelligence-led approach. The aim is to improve the number of successful stop and searches and achieve better outcomes for communities.

The Independent Advisory Group Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel

This panel acts independently and scrutinises stop and search across Hampshire.

The panel provides feedback on stop and search practices, giving a voice for community concerns and influencing police practices. We hope the scrutiny panel will give the public more confidence and trust in the way stop and searches are conducted and in the correct and proportionate exercise of stop and search powers.

The panel as far as possible, represent the demographics of the local area, and acts completely independently from the police.

The operational local policing command lead for stop and search within Hampshire Constabulary is available to attend panel meetings so that panel members can ask questions directly, and is accountable for any issues and concerns which arise.

The Chair is appointed by the group in order to demonstrate transparency and accountability. The Chair is reviewed on an annual basis.

How the panel works and what it does

The scrutiny panel meets quarterly for two hours at various locations within the county to dip sample stop and search forms to ensure they are PACE Code A compliant, identify any concerns, issues and examples of learning and good practice. This is a standing agenda item on the force 'Best Use of Stop and Search' strategic meeting.

This is in addition to the force complaints process.

This allows for an independent review by our IAGs and ensures there is a response to any public concerns about stop and search activity in their community.

Stop and search complaints in Hampshire are low. As a result we have decided that every complaint will initiate the community trigger meaning they will all currently be looked at by the panel.

Have your say

If you have any other comments or observations about stop and search in Hampshire and would like to provide feedback use the link at the bottom of this page to let us know.

Look at the complaints and resolutions

All results from our IAG stop and search reviews are published on our website – you can access them by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page.