Independent Advisory Groups (IAGs) are voluntary groups made up of members of the public that are independent from the police. They meet between four and six times a year, at various locations, to review and challenge policing practices in a constructive way. This helps us improve our service to the public.

Groups will often review how we handle major investigations, as well as incidents and issues that impact local communities. There is also a specific IAG Stop and Search Scrutiny Panel that looks at resolutions to any complaints about how we carry out Stop and Search.

As an IAG member, you will represent yourself and your own views or that of your community. We can’t always act on everything these groups tell us, but we always value your ideas and comments.


You can apply to be part of an IAG if you: 

  • live or work in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight
  • are not connected to the police service in anyway
  • are willing to have a voice in the community

To request an application form, please email [email protected]

Youth Independent Advisory Group

The Strategic Youth Independent Advisory group covers Hampshire, Portsmouth, Southampton and the Isle of Wight.

This is a volunteer group for those aged 14 to 25 which enables you to be involved in reviewing, challenging and scrutinising our work. You don't need any qualifications or experience, and we just ask that you help by providing your opinions and insight six times a year when the group meets.

District Youth IAGs currently exists for those living or working in Southampton and on the Isle Of Wight only.

Again for those aged 14 to 25, district Youth IAGs will look at local policing, sometimes the nature of policing may mean we need to ask you for help outside of normal hours.

In return, we will pay your travel expenses, offer you the chance to join us on patrol as an observer, provide you with opportunities to develop your skills, represent your and others' views and opinions, and give you a first-hand insight into policing, investigations and our work with the local community.

To find out more and apply for the Strategic Youth IAG please see their webpage or email [email protected].

The Southampton group will be starting shortly. Please check back later for details.

If you live on the Isle of Wight please fill out this IOW application form and then email it to [email protected].

You should hear from us within four weeks. If your application is unsuccessful, you'll still be able to attend focus groups, complete online surveys and provide your opinions on local policing.