Hampshire Constabulary welcomes feedback from all apprentices be it suggestions, compliments or complaints.  Hampshire Constabulary believe that all of their apprentices should feel satisfied with the service, support and training they receive. 


All compliments, where possible, will be acknowledged and given thanks.  Compliments will be shared with the member(s) of staff and their line manager.  Sometimes Hampshire Constabulary will use compliments for use in publications with permission from the individual who has provided the feedback.


Hampshire Constabulary aim to respond to all complaints in a timely manner to ensure that they continue providing the highest standards of teaching, learning, assessment and service.

Hampshire Constabulary is committed to taking all complaints seriously by:-

  • encouraging a culture of openness
  • making the process as straightforward as possible
  • carrying out a fair and thorough investigation
  • keeping the complainant informed throughout
  • using the information to improve our services and provide staff training if required.

Please click the link to read the 'Policy statement for Apprenticeship Complaints, Compliments and Appeals