Southampton police tackle drug-related knife crime

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Operation Sceptre

Knife amnesty bins will be placed at Southampton Central police station and Portswood police station as part of Southampton’s response to increased knife crime.

The bins will be located at both police stations, Southampton Central police station on Southern Road and Portswood police station on St Denys Road, between Friday 21 April and Friday 12 May.

Members of the public will be able to dispose of knives and bladed articles in the amnesty bins without fear of repercussions.

The bins are being placed in these locations as part of Operation Sceptre, a campaign through which we are working to take knives off the streets and educate people about the dangers associated with knives.

Sergeant Charlie Ilderton from Southampton Central Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “Operation Sceptre is an anti-knife crime initiative which was started by the Metropolitan Police and adopted by a number of forces across the UK.

“We have recently seen an increase in knife-crime in Southampton, often incidents are suspected to be drug related. Tackling violent crime is a priority and we can help protect people from harm by taking these weapons off the streets.

“During this time, we aim to disrupt the supply of knives, target those who carry and use knives, prevent people from getting involved in knife crime and increase prosecutions.

“We know people carry knives for many reasons including fear, or because they think it will protect them.  However, in reality carrying a knife puts them at greater risk of being seriously injured or killed, not to mention being arrested for possession of a bladed article.

“This amnesty is your chance to hand unlawful weapons in and walk away without prosecution and be free from the fear you could be putting yours and your loved ones lives at risk.

“I would urge you to take this opportunity to rid yourselves of any illegal weapons. We are continually developing intelligence on those believed to be carrying knives or bladed articles, and we will take robust action against anyone found to be illegally in possession of a knife or bladed article on the streets of Southampton.”

Southampton Central police station, Southern Road, SO15 1AN
Opening hours: Every day, 8am to 8pm. Bank Holidays 10am to 6pm.

Portswood police station, St Denys Road, Southampton, SO17 2GN
Opening hours: Tue to Fri 9am to 6pm. Sat 9am to 5pm.
Closed 2pm to 3pm each day.

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