Operation Titan launched to deny criminals the use of roads across Hampshire and Thames Valley

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Melanie Adams
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Southampton, Portsmouth

A ring of steel operation aiming to deny criminals the use of our roads has seen 18 people arrested in Hampshire and Thames Valley.

Op Titan
Operation Titan

Operation Titan is one of the largest joint operations launched on the roads of the two forces and it has proved to be a great success.

Headed up by the Joint Roads Policing Unit, the crackdown aimed to stop criminals and their vehicles who persistently use our road networks to carry out their crimes.

As a result of this targeted action offenders have been taken off our roads, making them safer for those living and working in Hampshire and Thames Valley.

Over the four day operation a total of 18 people were arrested for crimes ranging from possession of Class A drugs to theft and driving while under the influence of drugs.

Following the stop of one car in Iver and Denham officers seized a large quantity of a substance believed to be cocaine. 

If tests come back confirming that it is cocaine, the estimated street value is around £100,000.

A 24-year-old man from Kent was arrested on suspicion of possession of Class A with intent to supply. He has been released from custody but remains under investigation.

The team kicked-off the operation on Monday in Iver and Denham, before moving to Southampton on Tuesday, Portsmouth on Wednesday and then finishing in Slough on Thursday.

The crackdown saw roads policing officers using motorbikes, marked and unmarked cars, as well as the Commercial Vehicle Unit to target law-breaking motorists.

They used the latest ANPR technology, as well as working alongside experts from partner agencies such as the DVLA, Immigration and the Motors Insurers’ Bureau.

As well as those arrested, 42 vehicles were seized for having no insurance or no licence, a confirmed £20,000 worth of cocaine was seized and a stolen digger worth £12,000 was recovered.

The Commercial Vehicle Unit also stopped a HGV which was "piggy-backing" another HGV lorry in Portsmouth. 

The driver of the HGV lorry that was being carried was asleep in his cab.

Both were given fines which totalled £1,000.

Inspector Simon Hills
Inspector Simon Hills

Inspector Simon Hills, who headed up the operation, said: “Operation Titan is one of the largest joint roads policing operations run in Hampshire and Thames Valley.

“We have targeted four locations over four days across the two force areas to deny criminals the use of the roads through our enforcement and working with some of our partner agencies.

“This is an important operation because people living and working in Hampshire and Thames Valley deserve to have roads that they can enjoy, free from the fear of either crime, death or serious injury.

“Operations like this are key to improving road safety and making sure that criminals don’t travel into our area and disrupt our lifestyle.

“My message to criminals who are thinking of visiting Hampshire or Thames Valley is don’t.

“You don’t know where we are going to be next, we will be running more of these operations, we will be targeting you and we will make the five counties of Hampshire and the Isle of Wight and Thames Valley safer for everyone.”

He added: “The operation has been very successful. It is exactly what we hoped it would be and of course, we are looking to do further operations in the future.

“We have had a large number of people arrested for serious offences such a possession of Class A drugs with intent to supply and stolen vehicles.

“We have also disrupted a large number of people who were breaking simple road traffic laws which were putting other people in danger.

“While support from the Commercial Vehicle Unit has allowed us to stop haulage vehicles to make sure they were complying with the current legislation.

“My message to the public is that they should be reassured by what they are seeing here in Hampshire and Thames Valley. 

“We take this type of action very seriously and we are determined to deny criminals the use of our roads and therefore we will continue with this collaborative approach to make sure that happens.”

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