Operation Dismount: Safer Cycling in Portsmouth

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Jack Backwell
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Our officers will be out in Portsmouth city centre on Tuesday 25 April as part of Operation Dismount.

They will be offering cycle safety and security advice to members of the public.

The day of action will focus primarily on the risks that cycling on pavements in pedestrian zones poses to vulnerable people.

We have been listening carefully to feedback from our local residents and are now answering concerns raised within our disabled communities.

Cycling on the pavement is an issue that affects all pedestrians, but it has a significant impact on members of our community with visual and hearing impairments, and residents with mental health difficulties.


Sergeant Richard Holland, from the Charles Dickens Neighbourhood Policing Team, said: “We have been conducting research within Portsea and Landport community groups, using social media, and communicating with members of the public on the street, and there is a clear concern from residents about the danger cycling in pedestrianised areas poses to vulnerable members of our community.

“On Tuesday, unmarked officers will be in the city stopping and warning members of the public who are cycling on pedestrian-only footpaths, and we will be issuing fixed penalty notices if necessary.

“Our goal is to educate residents - and cyclists in particular - with crime prevention advice and general advice about safer cycling in urban areas.

“Keep an eye out for our Community Bus parked on Commercial Road too, as we will be offering bike locks for sale from this mobile office. This will also give members of the public the opportunity to come and talk to us and to get some advice on bicycle security.”

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