Courage and dedication of officers and staff celebrated by Hampshire Constabulary

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Outstanding bravery and dedicated professionalism were just some of the exceptional qualities celebrated at the latest Chief Constable's Awards.

Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney had the honour of celebrating the courage and commitment of officers and staff at a special ceremony in Netley.

From officers who were injured in the line of duty but defiantly fought on, to those who leapt into action when the unexpected happened - the ceremony demonstrated the lengths they would go to, to protect others.

Chief Constable Pinkney said: “Congratulations to everyone who has received an award.

“Once again, I feel very proud that so many of our officers and staff are doing extraordinary things to help make Hampshire and the Isle of Wight a safer place for everyone.

“Whether on duty or not, these examples of exceptional courage and professionalism have proven that we are very lucky to have such men and woman working within our communities.”

She added: “This ceremony has also highlighted how dangerous the job of an officer can be and I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate that assaults on officers or staff are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.

“We have people willing to go above and beyond for the protection of others - they should be celebrated and should not fear being physically or verbally abused while simply trying to do their job.”

John Apter, chairman of Hampshire Police Federation, added: “Policing is dangerous and unpredictable and we see acts of selfless bravery from our colleagues on a daily basis.

“It is so important that we recognise this bravery and allow the public to see the reality of what our officers and staff have to deal with.

“Officers and staff have put themselves in harm’s way to protect others, they have saved lives and some have been so viciously assaulted that they will bear the physical and mental scars for ever.

“Police officers and staff are a special kind of people, I am proud to work alongside them and it’s great to see them receiving the recognition they deserve.”

Some of those who received awards are detailed below.


Chief Constable Congratulations

Sgt Richard Holland – Portsmouth

Sgt Richard Holland
Sgt Holland

He has been in charge of neighbourhood policing for one of the most challenging areas in the county during a time of unprecedented change and demand.
But despite being faced with one of the hardest leadership tasks that a Neighbourhoods Policing Sergeant has had, Sgt Richard Holland has persistently demonstrated outstanding dedication and positive leadership to ensure a safer neighbourhood for all.
Sgt Holland has led the neighbourhood team since April 2015 and during that time he has constantly reviewed and evolved how policing is delivered to meet the demands of the area.
His ward, the Charles Dickens area of Portsmouth, includes the busy town centre, a demanding night-time economy and some of the most deprived residential estates in the force.
His work has included re-aligning beat boundaries, making the business case to move buildings, using police staff investigators within the neighbourhoods team for the first time and establishing a new approach to deal with hate crime – to name but a few.
And on top of all of this, he has had to manage a significant number of serious crimes and incidents.
He has been recognised for this award for facing these challenges with subtlety, enthusiasm and huge amounts of energy throughout.

PC Steven Whyte – Joint Operations Unit

PC Steven Whyte
PC Whyte

When faced with a colleague fighting for their life, this officer took swift and decisive action in a bid to give them the best chance of survival.
Firearms officer PC Steven Whyte did not hesitate when he heard screams for help while on duty at Police Headquarters in Netley, on July 24, 2015.
He, along with a colleague, responded immediately, grabbing the firearms trauma kit and raced over to the gym where there discovered a colleague had collapsed while using the equipment.
It was the speed of their reaction, the way in which they applied their medical skills and carried out CPR on a colleague for more than an hour, which has seen him recognised with this award.
He dealt sensitively and professionally with distraught friends and colleagues who had witnessed the event unfold in front of them, whilst trying to save the man’s life in a highly charged and stressful environment.
The paramedics said that his actions gave his colleague the best chance of survival. Sadly, the member of police staff died.

Chief Constable Commendations

PCSO Luke Charmer – Southampton

PCSO Luke Charmer
PCSO Charmer

This PCSO has been recognised for his immense courage and bravery when confronted with an armed man threatening to kill a woman.
PCSO Luke Charmer was at a Southampton day centre as part of his patrols on January 30, when the incident happened.
When the man started threatening the woman, holding the knife to her throat, PCSO Charmer, without hesitation, disarmed and restrained the man.
His actions went way beyond what is expected of a PCSO, putting his own life at risk to protect the victim and making sure no one else was harmed.
He has received this award for his exceptional and totally selfless response.

PCSO Dalian Lacey – Southampton

PCSO Dalian Lacey
PCSO Lacey

He may have been off duty but this PCSO didn’t think twice before helping to save a man’s life.
PCSO Dalian Lacey was cycling home on March 24 when he saw a man on the wrong side of the railings on the Redbridge flyover.
As PCSO Lacey got closer, the man attempted to jump, so the officer quickly got off his bike, ran over to him and held him.
They talked for around 30 minutes, during which time the 21-year-old was resisting PCSO Lacey’s hold.
This meant the officer could not call for help as his phone was in his pocket and if he let go of the man, he feared he would jump.
Eventually the man calmed down and PCSO Dalian spoke to him about a variety of topics while still on the wrong side of the railings.
PCSO Dalian admits that this was the most difficult time as he had never been in a situation like this before, with the man adamant that he was not going to move.
Fortunately, a passer-by must have called the police as help arrived, although this caused the man to get even more distressed.
However, PCSO Dalian continued to reassure the man, explaining what would happen and eventually the man climbed over.
The actions of this PCSO and his ability to talk to this man prevented him from causing serious harm to himself.

PC Jordan Rolfe, PC Claire Proudfoot (did not attend), PC Lisa Jones and PCSO Vikki Cooper – Havant and Waterlooville

PC Jones, PC Rolfe and PCSO Vikki Cooper
PC Jones, PC Rolfe & PCSO Cooper

He may have been new to the job but PC Jordan Rolfe showed courage and ingenuity to ensure the safety of a mental health patient.
The officer, who at the time was a newly independent student officer, was at Emleigh, on May 7, for an unrelated matter when another patient became agitated and threatened to kill himself.
The patient left the building and ran off, shouting that he was going to kill himself, so PC Rolfe went after him.
The officer called for more units and kept the control room up-to-date, as the patient headed towards a foot bridge over the train tracks.
The man climbed over the railings, by which time PC Rolfe had been joined by PC Proudfoot, PC Jones and PCSO Cooper.
They all grabbed the man and held onto him, while managing to peel back some of the fencing and using fast wraps to secure him to the side of the bridge.
They continued to hold him for half an hour, which meant that the rail lines underneath could be turned off and the trains stopped before the fire service were able to get him down safely.
All four officers have been honoured for their courage and quick thinking to save this man’s life.

PC Danielle Ruzewicz, Response and Patrol Fareham and PC Nicki Wisdom, Amberstone

PC Danielle Ruzewicz & PC Nicki Wisdom
PC Ruzewicz & PC Wisdom

Even when she was subjected to a terrifying attack, PC Danielle Ruzewicz and her colleague showed great courage and persistence to ensure the safety of others
PC Ruzewicz and PC Nicki Wisdom were deployed to the play park at Harbour View, Portchester, on September 16, following reports of a man who was being aggressive towards members of the public.
When they arrived the man lashed out at them, being verbally and physically aggressive.
Due to his behaviour they decided to handcuff him but as they tried to get his hands, he raised his head and bit PC Ruzewicz on her left arm.
This caused substantial bleeding and wound which will leave a permanent scar.
This did not deter them though.
Both officers persisted and did exceptionally well to restrain the man and successfully handcuffed him.
PC Ruzewicz needed hospital treatment following this incident.
Brett Ferre, 35, of Windmill Grove, Fareham, is awaiting his sentence after he admitted unlawful wounding with intent.

PC Stuart McKane, PC Simon Reynolds and PC Amy Oliver - Response and Patrol Aldershot

PC Reynolds, PC McKane & PC Oliver
PC Reynolds, PC McKane & PC Oliver

These three officers demonstrated exceptional bravery, courage and professionalism when they stopped a dangerous man who had already violently assaulted their colleagues.
The trio were deployed to Aldershot on February 7, following reports that two officers, PC Karl Odgers and PC Geoff Hill, had been seriously assaulted.
The man then fled the scene, armed with a police Taser.
Despite being desperately concerned for their colleagues and knowing the potential danger they faced, they maintained their professionalism and courage as they continued to search for the man.
Even when threatened with a Taser, they all reacted without fear or hesitation to detain the man without any further injuries.
This is truly a testament to not only the officers’ bravery in the most dangerous and challenging of circumstances, but also to their outstanding professionalism in their conduct when arresting the suspect, who had seriously injured their colleagues.
The speed and quick thinking of these officers prevented the need for a potentially protracted manhunt.
Had it not for their bravery, determination and the sheer courage of these exceptional officers, the man may not have been brought to justice.
Simon Priest, 41, Pegasus Avenue, Aldershot, was charged and pleaded guilty to five offences including causing GBH. He received a life sentence.

Police Officer Long Service and Good Conduct Medals 1996

Sgt Joanne Nelson
PC Caroline Burton
DC Peter Miller
DC Salena Wynn
DS Francis Nelson
Sgt Mark Furse
Special Constable Anthony Saunders

Volunteer Long Service Certificates

John Hughes
Roger Longcroft




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