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From tackling armed robbers to using innovative new ways to fight crime – there was plenty to celebrate at Hampshire Constabulary’s Chief Constable’s Awards.

Officers stood alongside members of the public as they were honoured for going above and beyond to protect those living and working in Hampshire and the Isle Wight.

Some were recognised for their incredible bravery in the face of danger, while others were commended for their extreme professionalism under pressure, all deserving recognition for their willingness to help others.

The special ceremony was held at Netley and once again gave Chief Constable Olivia Pinkney the chance to recognise excellent police work, as well as the courageous acts of members of the public.

She said: “Every day our officers start their shifts not knowing what they are going to be confronted with and here we have heard just how brave and courageous they need to be to protect our communities from harm.

“It is a huge honour to recognise the great work of our officers and staff, who have shown true grit and determination when faced with life and death situations or displayed great initiative when tasked with using the latest advances in technology to ensure we, as a force, are equipped to tackle new and evolving crimes.

“It is also fantastic to have the opportunity to thank those members of the public who have put their own safety at risk and showed immense bravery to protect others.”

John Apter, chairman of the Hampshire Police Federation, added: “Police officers perform a difficult and often dangerous role.

“Despite the risk they will run towards danger when others run away, it’s what they do.

“It’s good to see the bravery of officers recognised in this way, this is a celebration of what is great about policing.

“Those officers and members of the public receiving awards at this ceremony deserve our thanks, they should be extremely proud of their achievement, as we are of them.”

The details of some of those who received awards at the ceremony are listed below with photographs attached.

Chief Constable Congratulations

DI Paul Masters
DI Paul Masters

Detective Inspector Paul Masters
A Hampshire detective inspector has been honoured for his pioneering work that has seen him harness the latest in technology and cyber advances to help catch sex offenders and human traffickers.

Southampton-based Detective Inspector Paul Masters is the force lead for Digital Media Investigators (DMI) and his enthusiasm and innovation has sparked a change in the way we fight against crime.

DI Masters not only promoted new ways of working but also used his expertise to work with young people and the elderly, having identified them as vulnerable groups particularly susceptible to cyber-crimes.

He shared his learning across CID teams, Roads Policing, Child Abuse investigations, Major Crime and Crime Scene Management.

He has received a Chief Constable Congratulations for his enthusiasm and innovative, public-focussed and collaborative approach to delivering the DMI programme within Hampshire Constabulary.

Chief Constable Commendations

PC Barry Watson
PC Barry Watson

PC Barry Watson, PC Geoffrey Speak (unable to attend) and PC Sarah Catton (unable to attend) – Portsmouth Response and Patrol

When face-to-face with a gun, these officers displayed true professionalism, bravery and compassion to protect the public.

On July 2016, police were called to an address in Portsmouth following reports of a vulnerable man trying to kill himself.

PC Watson arrived first and was confronted with a man pointing a black pistol directly at him.

PC Watson immediately took cover behind a vehicle and despite the incredibly frightening situation, remained extremely calm and measured as he provided precise commentary of what was happening to his colleagues.

PC Speak and PC Catton soon arrived and despite the firearms threat, PC Speak decided to approach the address to help his colleague and protect the public.

As he did this, the man spotted him and turned his gun on PC Speak.

However, undeterred, PC Speak took cover behind another vehicle and started negotiations with the man.
As the negotiations continues, PC Catton crucially set up a cordon and remained on scene to ensure the safety of residents.

Eventually PC Speak got the man to put down the gun, allowing armed officers to detain him safely.

As they waited for an ambulance, PC Speak and PC Catton stayed with the man, reassuring him and keeping him calm.

Despite what had happened, the pair remained incredibly supportive and understanding towards the man as they cared for him before paramedics arrived.

Paul Smith, 48, of Lower Forbury Road, Portsmouth, was jailed for 32 months in November for possession of an imitation firearm.

The three officers received a Chief Constable Commendation for their prompt and effective actions in the face of significant threat to ensure the safety of their colleagues, the public and the man himself.

Tommy & Abbey Jones
Tommy & Abbey Jones

Tommy and Abbey Jones

This daring, quick-thinking husband and wife duo didn’t think twice about taking action when they found themselves at the centre of an armed robbery.

Tommy and Abbey Jones were customers in Lloyds Bank, Liphook, on May 16 last year when a man entered holding a gun, demanding money from the cashier.

Mr Jones sprang into action, punching the armed man and the pair started grappling for the gun.

At this point Mrs Jones grabbed the armed man’s bag, which contained vital DNA evidence.

A second man holding a knife then came into the bank and started stabbing Mr Jones before the gunman then shot him in the face.

The gunman then turned and pointed the gun at Mrs Jones and threatened to shoot her before fleeing the bank.

Mr Jones was treated for an air pellet injury to his jaw and a stab wound to his stomach, while Mrs Jones was left traumatised by the ordeal.

Without doubt, the bravery of Mr and Mrs Jones forced the two would-be robbers to flee the bank empty-handed.

Their courageous intervention also caused one of the men’s faces to be uncovered, which alongside DNA evidence from the bag, led to his arrest. 

Jonathan Pay, 46, of Liphook Road, Lindford, was jailed for 16-and-a-half years last November.

Mr and Mrs Jones received Chief Constable Commendations for bravery, grit and courage during an attempted armed robbery.

Special Constable of the Year

S/I Sam Berry
Special Inspector Berry

Special Inspector Sam Berry – Portswood

This honour had been awarded to Special Inspector Sam Berry for his outstanding commitment and dedication to the Cyber Specials and Cyber Volunteers Programme.

The programme started in August 2016 and Sam readily agreed to assist in the initial setting up of the team, while still serving in Southampton District as a Special Sergeant.

As the programme started to gain traction, Sam formally took on the lead role of managing the team, being promoted to S/Insp.

There is no doubt that Sam will be instrumental in ensuring that the team delivers an effective investigative tool and that the impact to current and future investigations will be impressive.

Special Constable Team of the Year

Special Constabulary Team of the Year Award
Communications and Events Team

Communications and Events Team - S/ACO Simon Bagshot, S/Supt Abby Bagshot, S/Insp Adam Hillier, S/Sgt Nicole Cobby, S/Sgt Simon Tavender and SC Matthew Clark  

The Communications and Events Team have been recognised for their professionalism, hard work and dedication organising and promoting the Special Constabulary 185th Anniversary celebrations last year.

This team organised three impressive events to recognise the hard work of all Specials in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

These events included a formal ceremony held at Winchester Cathedral with more 600 guests and then two informal events recognising the support of families and strong leadership required to be a Special Constable. 

The planning of all three events was an enormous challenge for our six nominees to balance against their already very busy lives as police leaders, employees in day jobs and with family commitments. 

Hampshire Constabulary and Special Constabulary’s celebration of SC185 was only possible as a result of the enthusiasm and tenacity of our nominees and the events provided a true sense of celebration, pride and respect for our amazing volunteers.

Long Service and Good Conduct Medals
PC Barbra Bradley – Basingstoke response and patrol
Sgt Stuart Gilmour – Meon Valley neighbourhood policing team
DC Lorraine Bell – Economic Crime Investigation Unit
DC Timothy McSpadden – Child Abuse Investigation Team
Insp Glen Stanford – offender management team
PC Paula Deery – offender management team
PC Kevin Hewitt – offender management team
Sgt Aaron Freemantle – Portsmouth
PC Alistair Longworth – Roads Policing Unit
Insp Darren Ord – Roads Policing Unit

Special Constabulary Long Service Bar
Special Sgt Phil Keeling – Prevention and Neighbourhoods Alton

Police Staff Long Service Certificates
Christine Searle

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