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We gather information about site usage to help the development and improvement of services to the public, and to protect the integrity of our systems from malicious users. At the moment this information consists of: 

  • Statistical information obtained using Google Analytics. No information collected can be used to identify individual users. For more details about how this affects your privacy please visit the Google Analytics Privacy Centre. If you don’t want to send information to Google Analytics, an Opt-out Browser Add-on is also available or you can configure your browser to let you to choose which, if any, cookies are allowed to be created.
  • Information obtained by our content management system to examine what people are searching for, what they find and occasions where no results are returned. Information collected can’t be used to identify individual users.
  • Information provided by users through online forms; it's held in our UK-based secure data centres and is retained in line with the Data Protection Act 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679, and our retention policies.
  • Your IP address and details of which browser you are using, which we record when you use our online forms. We may use this information together with any information entered in the form to help investigations into misuse of our service, and for the prevention or detection of crime, or to protect life.
  • Your IP address, also used to identify your location if you use of the geolocation feature on our site.  We only use this to show you relevant content, and don't store or share this with third parties.

We don’t try to monitor the browsing behaviour of individual users through any hidden means.


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Privacy notice

The use and disclosure of personal data is governed in the United Kingdom by the Data Protection Act 2018 (‘the Act’) under which Hampshire Constabulary is registered as a ‘data controller’. As such, Hampshire Constabulary is obliged to ensure that it handles all personal data in accordance with the Act. 

Our privacy notice provides information about how Hampshire Constabulary obtains, holds, uses and discloses information about people (their personal data), the steps we take to ensure that it is protected, and the rights individuals have in regard to their personal data handled by Hampshire Constabulary.

This privacy and cookie usage statement applies to If you would like further information about website privacy and how we use cookies, please contact us.

Hampsire Constabulary data protection officer

You can email our data protection officer or write to:

Public Access Team
Hampshire Constabulary (Operational Headquarters)
Tower Street
SO23 8ZD

Tel: 023 8047 9580