Let us know if you have lost any items

The purpose of Hampshire Constabulary recording lost property reports is to reunite items handed in as found with either the lawful owner or alternatively to a third party agency that can fulfil this function. Lost property reports must only be created where they will assist this aim.

The form you have submitted will be sent to the Force Enquiry Centre who will contact you with a reference number if the item is something that we would record.  If it is not then they will pass your form to the appropriate property centre who will carry out a check against items that have been handed in as Found Property.  You will only be contacted by them if they have received your item or if you have requested to be contacted on the form. Please note that we do not issue reference numbers for lost mobile phones or any item that is identifiable.

This form is for "lost" property and cannot be used for "found items". 

If you have found an item please take it to your local police station - please see our Visit a police station page. Alternatively call the 101 non-emergency number for further information or please use this link for our Found property form.

Any information that you submit via this lost property form will be sent through non-secure means and will potentially be viewable by third parties. By using this form you agree that any information submitted is done so at your own risk.

All fields must be completed.  If you do not wish to complete this form then please attend your nearest station. Please see our Visit a police station page.

Please Note: Having opened the form, you will need to complete and submit it within 45 minutes to ensure successful receipt

Details of individual reporting the lost property:

First Name:

Last Name:

Date of Birth:



Telephone Number:

Mobile Number:

Email Address:

What is the item that is lost?

Can the item be identified by serial number, IEMI number or similar?

If yes, please provide any serial numbers, IEMI numbers, postcode (if item is marked with this), ultraviolet light details.

If identifiable, please provide the location of identifying mark.

Full description of property:





Approximate Value:

Date and Time Lost:

Location where item was lost:

Additional Information: