Curriculum links: PSHE, Citizenship, Sex and Relationships, Emotional Health & Wellbeing, Keeping Safe, Risks & Pressures, RRR, Young People & the Law. Age Guide: KS3 and KS4, Post 16 option

Please be reminded that Safe4me is NOT a standalone resource; it is designed as a toolkit to support teachers to deliver information specific to the Law, Consequences and Personal Safety only.

The resources in this tool-kit are designed to be flexible to meet individual needs, time and suitabilty; adaptable for KS3, KS4 and Post 16, they can be used in one or over multiple lessons.

Key aims

  1. To develop knowledge of the wider meanings of sexual consent
  2. To develop skills relating to situation awareness and safe choices
  3. To develop knowledge of choices, consequences and the law
  4. To develop knowledge of how and where to get support

Key learning outcomes

  1. Improved understanding of what sexual consent means
  2. Improved understanding of risky situations and the importance of making safe choices
  3. Improved understanding of how choices determine consequences and influence outcomes
  4. Awareness of relevant support services and how to access them in school. locally and nationally

Setting the Learning Environment and Welfare

Safe4me recognises the importance of planning and preparing pupils for learning; please read the Safe4me Planning, Learning and Welfare Guidance prior to using the resources to ensure the best possible learning experience and outcome for pupils.

Safe4me Resource Links

All resources can be accessed via the relevant links situated in the framework sections below;  printable activities and user guidance sheets are provided.

Getting Started

Activity options and resources are designed to capture base knowledge and prepare pupils for learning about the topic; some can be re-visited at the end of the lesson to evidence the learning journey.

Activity Guidance Sheet - contains links to resources

Core Learning

Activities and resources can be accessed via the links below; they are set out in stages specific to individual aims and learning outcomes to ensure a focussed and flexible approach.

Stage 1: The Wider Meaning of Consent

Stage 2: Situation Awareness and Safe Choices

Stage 3: Choices, Consequences and the Law

Stage 4: Signposting to Support

Optional Resources:

Consent Quick Guide and Faqs

Teen Abuse - Home Office Leaflet for Teens

 Finishing up (Plenary)

Activity options and resources can be accessed via the link below; in this section are intended as a plenary to capture the learning journey by re-visiting the option chosen at the start or by using another.

Activity Options Sheet - contains links to resources

Home-Extended Learning

Activities and resources in this section can be accessed via the link below; suggested tasks are optional for use in lessons or at home as a means to expand on the learning through linking associated topics. 

Activity Options Sheet- contains links to resources

Parent Information and Notices

All resources in this section are intended as a home-school link to inform and support parents and carers by contribute to their child's welfare and education; by clicking the links below, these can be printed or sent electronically via parent mail.

Parent and Guardian Notice

Spot Teen Abuse - Home Office leaflet for parents

Parent Advice - CSE

Useful Links and Resources

This section provides other useful resource links to support schools to keep children and young people safe. 

Expect Respect - Resources for schools and professionals relating to Teen Abuse

NSPCC - Schools Guide to protect young people from CSE

PSHE Association - Consent law summary

PSHE Association - Consent lesson resources

PSHE Association - Guidance on teaching Consent

Public Health England - Promoting children and young people's emotional health and wellbeing (excellent resource section) 

The Star Project - an award winning, innovative education and outreach programme working with young people (aged 10+) on a wide range of sex and relationship issues, with particular focus on sexual violence prevention

This is Abuse - Discussion guide for practitioners (excellent resource section)

This is Abuse - Website for young people to be shared with pupils

Womans Consent Campaign Poster - print and display