Join Hampshire Constabulary as a Police Constable.

Recruitment Opportunity - June 2016
The recruitment opportunity from June & July 2016 has now closed.  Successful applicants at shortlisting stage will be invited to an in house initial interview in early September. Those successful at the interview will go forward to undertake the National Recruitment Assessment Centre (SEARCH). Any applicants who already possess a valid National Recruitment Assessment Centre (SEARCH) pass will only be required to attend the initial interview. (Valid means that it has been gained since June 2014 at 50% or over).

Success at all parts of the process may lead to a conditional job offer subject to the required pre-employment checks (vetting, medical, references, fitness test, etc). Please note that the selection process can take six months or more to complete and we are seeking candidates for a number of intakes planned for 2017.

Additional Information about the Police Officer role within Hampshire Constabulary.
As a Police Officer you could be posted anywhere within Hampshire.  We are currently recruiting to vacancies in the North of the County and you must be willing and able to travel to a work-base in those locations.  We are not anticipating any postings to the Isle of Wight.

You will posted to Netley for the first 15 weeks to undertake your initial training.  Please note accommodation will not be provided at Netley during this period and you will be required to make your own travel arrangements.  The station you will be posted to after you have completed your 15 weeks initial training will not be confirmed to you until approximately week 10 of your initial training.

During your first year of service you will be expected to take your annual leave during planned breaks in your training.  If you have existing holiday plans booked this will not stop you from applying for this role but, if successful, you may not be able to start your training until you can commit to attending the whole training programme for your first full year of service.

You will be paid a starting salary of £22,668 p.a. (the £1000 p.a. South East allowance will be paid in addition).  Progression to pay point 2 with a salary of £23,694 p.a. will commence after 12 months pay at pay point 1 and progression will continue to be at a rate of one pay point per 12 months of service thereafter. You will be notified of any pay reviews that may occur before your start date.

Further information on the role of a Police Constable can be found on Police - Could You? and the College of Policing websites.

Essential criteria
To apply for this position you must be able to meet at least one of the following criteria.  Please do not submit an application if you do not need at least of of the below criteria - your application will be rejected.

  • One of the following educational qualifications.  To check the levels of your qualification please visit the website.

    a) two A-Levels at grade A-E, or a higher qualification

    b) Level 3 qualification equivalent to 2 A-levels (or higher)

    c) A qualification from outside England and Wales which the UK National Recognition Information Centre (NARIC) recognises as a Level 3 qualification equal to 2 A-Levels.

  • Have completed and passed the Level 3 certificate in Knowledge of Policing or Police Law and Community Certificate

  • Have previously served in the military or armed forces, or similar law enforcement agency, and you have successfully completed the minimum term of service and have an exemplary reference (previous service in military or armed forces is a minimum of 2 years within the last 5 years)

  • Have previously served in another emergency service (this includes Special, PCSO or other operational role in another Police force) and have an exemplary reference. (Previous service in an emergency service is a minimum of 2 years within the last 5 years and have worked in an operational role.)

  • Have at least 2 years recent experience in digital forensics-discovery and cybercrime investigations and a relevant qualification/training

  • Be fluent in a language that is not English, including sign language

Other criteria

  • Full Manual Driving Licence required (you do not need this to apply for the role, but you will need to pass your test before a job offer will be given)

  • You must be committed to working in Hampshire and be able to show close ties to the County

Competencies & Behaviours
For a description of the competencies and behaviours to be evidenced in your application form, please visit the Skills for Justice website