It's time to take on a new role with variety, meaning and excitement - not to mention great salary and benefits. Dealing with things that have a big impact of people's quality of life, patrolling the streets and being a visible police presence - building trust and confidence. The job satisfaction and variety is huge and you'll play a key part in reducing fear of crime.

Recruitment Opportunity
Starting salary: c. £22,400 including allowances for working shifts including weekends, plus benefits including excellent final salary pension.

We are currently recruiting for Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs). If you're looking for a new role that includes variety, meaning and excitement, not to mention a great salary and benefits, we could be looking for you if you are willing to work in the GU, RG and SP postcodes.

Candidates wishing to apply to become a Police Community Support Officer (PCSO) must attend a recruitment event. This event will provide information on the role of a PCSO and the recruitment process, as well as an opportunity to ask questions to the local PCSO's and higher ranking officers as well as Hampshire Constabulary Recruitment Team.  Register your attendance for one of the following events.  Please only register for one.

Thursday 11th February
Basingstoke College of Technology (BCOT) at 6:30pm

Thursday 18th February
Princes Hall, Aldershot at 6:30pm

Applicants must check their suitability to apply to join as a Police Community Support Officer.

Those attending will be provided with the link to submit their application.  Please only apply for one of the vacancies, (if you apply for both, one of your applications will be withdrawn) as we simply want to gauge where people would most like to work - the process will be the same regardless of which one you apply for. Please also read all of the attachments on the advert page, as they will help you complete the application form.

Transferring experienced PCSOs

Please email the recruitment team on police.recruitment@hants.gov.uk and head your email 'PCSO TRANSFER'. You can also register your email address for job alerts via our e-Recruiting site.

It's time to take on a new role with variety, meaning and excitement - not to mention great salary and benefits. We're building up a pool of people who are committed to making the community safer. That means we'll be keeping successful applicants' details on file and when the next suitable vacancy arises we'll be in touch. In return, you can look forward to dealing with things that have a big impact of people's quality of life. That means patrolling the streets and being a visible police presence - building trust and confidence. The job satisfaction and variety is huge and you'll play a key part in reducing fear of crime.

Hampshire Constabulary welcomes applicants from prospective employees who are disabled. We are committed to ensuring that all applicants who are disabled and who meet the minimum criteria for a vacancy will be offered access to the selection process.

Hampshire Constabulary's assessment process for Police Community Support Officers

Every police force has its own appointment standards and assessment process for Police Community Support Officers.

Application Form

You will be required to complete a special application form for the role. You will need to demonstrate competency in skills that are relevant to the job. You will also be sent a medical questionnaire. Applicants may not be able to progress further if they do not have a good attendance record.

If you have any special needs and require adjustments at the assessment day it is essential that you advise us accordingly so we can make the necessary arrangements for you. Dyslexic applicants must provide proof of dyslexia before they attend the assessment day in the form of a report from an educational or occupational psychologist.

The Assessment Day

If your application form meets the required standard after screening you will be invited to an assessment day which will include the following elements:

  • Interview
  • Written test
  • Job-related fitness test


The questions at the interview will be based on the job description and person specification and will include respect for race and diversity. The interview is expected to last up to 45 minutes. You also need to prepare a short briefing (to last no more than five minutes) on an appropriate topic, the subject of which will be advised in your invitation to the interview. Your briefing should be original, and not just downloaded from a website! We are not able to provide any equipment to assist you in delivering your briefing.

Written Test

This is a written exercise to test your standards of English including your ability to summarise written information into a short report.

Typing skills

Police Community Support Officers are required to use computer systems to both input and retrieve data. Test your typing skills by using the typing test available via the below hyperlink. 25 words per minute is an acceptable minimal standard.  Click here for the Type Online website - typing test.

Job-Related Fitness Test

This consists of two elements. The first element is shuttle runs, in which you will be asked to run back and forth along a 15-metre track in time with a series of bleeps. If you arrive at the end line before the bleep sounds you need to wait for the bleep before resuming running and to adjust your speed. The timing between bleeps is slow at first but this gap decreases as the test progresses and it becomes more difficult to keep up with the required speed. You will run until you can no longer keep up with the set pace. You will need to reach a minimum of four shuttles at level 5.4 to pass.

The second element will assess your dynamic strength using a machine called the Dyno machine. The test involves performing five seated chest pushes and five seated back pulls on the machine. The average force of the sum of the five pushes and the average force of the sum of the five pulls will be recorded. You need to achieve an average of 34kgs on the push and 35kgs on the pull to pass.

Medical Standards

You will need to complete a medical questionnaire if you are shortlisted for interview. If you are successful at the assessment day it will be necessary for you to attend a medical appointment at a later date. The medical examination will include hearing and blood pressure checks, and the nurse may also ask you questions about your medical history based on the information you provided in the medical questionnaire. The nurse will also check your optician's report (see below) to ensure that your eyesight is within the required standard for this post.

Body mass index

You must have a body mass index (BMI) of between 20 and 29 (charts are available on the internet to check your height and weight). If your body mass is between 30-35 then your body mass percentage will be measured to determine if your applications should be delayed in order for you to lose weight. If your BMI is over 35 or under 19 you will be referred to the Fitness Advisor who will provide guidance on your fitness for the role.

Eyesight Standards

You must have good eyesight, ie at least 6/36 uncorrected vision. The constabulary accepts applicants who have had corrective eye surgery. You will be sent a form which must be completed by a qualified optician to confirm that you meet the eyesight standard and bring this to the assessment day. The results must be from an eye test taken within the last 12 months.

You will fail the medical if your eyesight is outside the required standard, so if you have any doubts about whether you meet it, then you should contact us for advice before attending the assessment day. Please note that any cost incurred by you for the optician appointment is not refundable by the constabulary.

How to Apply

Please read the following Eligiblity and Medical Standards and then complete the online application form.